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Scientists, Wake UP!

To me, a scientist is first curious, then intelligent, then thorough. Throw in a little sensitivity and you've got a pretty great scientist. Obviously, there are too many scientists that do not meet these basic requirements, and shouldn't be working. I'm talking about all the research engineers and lab workers who believe that testing on animals is a good way to get answers for human conditions.
It doesn't make sense. In 2007 we have learned that archaic methods used in older experiments are faulty and unproductive. Remember leeches? Bloodletting? Electro-shock? All cruel, all ineffectual. How then, given the gory history of scientific bumbling can scientists today want to continue it?
Animals suffer, as much as we do. That is a fact. They are emotional, they have sensitive feelings, perhaps more sensitive than ours from living closer to nature for so long, and they feel fear. I would assume a scientist would be smart enough to see this. And sensitive enough…