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Showing posts from January 7, 2008

Bush's Continued Tyranny

No matter that he has one little year left in office. No matter that the entire world views him as a dunce, a deadly blunderer, a short-sited, greedy, arrogant cowboy, Bush is at it again.
The Administration has instructed the Bureau of Land Management to begin a massive clear-cutting plan in Oregon's forests. There are 2.2 million acres under attack. This will wipe out habitat for thousands of species and be a truly killing stroke for the precious few acres Oregon still has. It will put the entire area at risk for landslides, and will cover the land with a dead, muddy blanket. The plan is so obviously destructive that even the hunters are protesting, saying it will wipe out habitat for their game.
For Bush the presidency has only been a means to an end, and that end is money. Irreplaceable "resources" such as old-growth timber, the Alaskan wilderness, not to mention the thousands of irreplaceable human lives he has wasted is a CRIME.
We need to stop this insane tyran…