Hey New York, That's Me!

I wonder if anyone reading the New Yorker will wonder, "who is that Powell's girl? I need to make her a star!" Actually, they'll probably think, "Who is that man on the rowing machine? I need to make HIM a star!" It's me against the guy on the rowing machine, bring it!


How Ironic that your picture is just next to a passage on fish markets and a line about Lobsters writhing in tanks. . . That's sort of a bummer, but it's still pretty great that you're a famous model.
Diane said…
I thought the same thing! ( About the writhing lobsters, etc ) Bar b Q my ass! Don't eat the lobsters! Did you know that lobsters can live to be 80 years old and they have complex social lives? They deserve our respect! xo love, Diane
i don't know senora Rios. i think your major comp. is the Liberty Puzzle... I know that the statue of Liberty has got nothing on you. Please next time i see you, will you sign my powell's holiday guide?


Princessa. aka l-roy