Best Office Party

The Powell's Christmas party is a great one! Taking over the Tiffany Building Ballroom at 16th and SW Morrison, the party is well-attended
by my beautiful coworkers all dressed up. The food is unbelievable, and the Mirror Pond beer was a sheer delight. I got to wear my grey silk party dress and fuschia tights. That doesn't happen often enough!

Here is 30 seconds of the Mighty Chris Foss, treating us all to a karaoke version of one of my favorite songs, Elton John's "Rocketman".

Chris Foss and the other brave souls who sang on stage that night upped my Holiday Cheer Quotient by at least a thousand percent. Thanks guys!!!


nieve said…
looks like you had a great night, i just love to sing to the world unfortunetly the world does not want to hear, last office night i did was karaoke and three years later i still am known as whitney wannabe, but at home i have a karaoke system and do think i'm a diva when no one's looking but that night i'd hit the bottle too hard and half was through my voice cracked, oh dear!