Ahh, Christmas at the Liquor Store

My annual holiday trip to the liquor store was more fun this year than ever. After I told Cora to wait in the car "while mommy goes to buy the liquor", I traipsed into our neighborhood liquor store and joined the merry crowds making their choices. I skipped over the rum ( my 16th year still haunts me) I found the section of whiskeys. I was instantly mesmorized by the beautiful, smooth bottle of Makers Mark for 26.95. It has thick red wax running down its neck, how wierd and cool is that? And I knew this was good stuff because my bandmates and friends drink it. Nothing but the best! So I tucked this gem under my arm, feeling like a pirate, and made my way to the line.
At the line there was, of all things, a sample guy. Giving out samples of bourbon! "Is this legal?" I wondered, feeling the crowd around me think the same thing. My second thought was, "don't pass up this unique opportunity! Have a sample! It's Christmas fer cryin' out loud!" So I did, and it was smooth and fantastically christmas-y tasting. Very adult. The sample man asked me questions like did I taste a layer of anis? Of pepper? Of LEATHER? Hmm. Leather. What does that taste like sir, and why do you know?
Anyway, then I bought my smooth jug of whiskey and headed out the door...into the snow...under the twinkling lights. Holiday Perfection!