Final Frontier

Well they've done it again: launched a space shuttle up to the space station, docked it flawlessly and are now installing a toilet that converts urine into drinking water! They're also taking up the makings of two bedrooms, a bathroom and an exercise machine. Camping out in space reminds me a little of what it must be like to camp near the top of Mt. Everest...just a thin skin between you and the most ferocious elements. How can they do it?!

Mars news: RIP to legendary Mars rover "Pheonix" who has officially stopped functioning on the red planet. Pheonix was the lander that confirmed that there is water on Mars. Pheonix had 40,000 "friends" on myspace! As one wrote in an e-epitaph, "Why must the great die young?"

Here is a picture of me and Cora in New York next to a replica of the Mars Rover.

On a side note: here is an amazing blog by the man who first flew around the world in a hot-air ballon called the "Brietling Orbiter". Read about his vision for fuel-free aviation! Very cool!