"At Work" Indeed!

I love my job. Not only do I get to spend my days in beautiful downtown Portland, in the coolest bookstore in the world, but I got to meet Annie Leibovitz.
Her new book "At Work" was released last Tuesday, and Powell's was handling it at her presentation Thursday night at the Schnitzer Concert Hall. Annie came in to Powell's that morning to sign 700 books to sell at the event. I was INCREDIBLY FORTUNATE enough to be one of the few people in the room with her, keeping unsigned books on the table and loading signed books back on the carts. The room we worked in is one of my favorites at Powell's, 4 floors up with large windows looking over the Pearl district. Annie was surprisingly easy to talk to, we all chatted for the full 40 minutes about kids, art, travel, etc. And then she was gracious enough to take photos of us with her! Holy crap! My picture has been taken by Annie Leibovitz!!!


whoa! Annie Leibovitz! Isn't she that tennis player? No, folk singer, right?
-kidding. . .
Morgan said…
Totally awesome, Diane. You have a cool job.