A very rare occasion, the children were elsewhere and Greg and I were free to step out for the evening. We chose "Rocket", a bar on 12th and E. Burnside we'd heard had fantastic views. The views were indeed excellent and the "bar" turns out to be a beautiful restaurant. A sleek, modern design with horticultural motifs. The logo is a simple, elegant illustration of an Arugula leaf. The green business cards are also seed packets with seeds inside them. It's a luxurious feel up there, and very sweet.

The restaurant belongs to a man named Leather Storrs. Leather is the brother to Ann Storrs who is a longtime family friend of Robert Christie's parents. I hadn't remembered that connection until we were sitting at the bar and the chef came out to us.
He said with a smile, "I hear you belong to the Robert Christie Fan Club." I was stunned and delighted. He went on to tell us who he was. We all spoke for a moment about Robert and wished each other well. Afterwards I was so happy that we had that Christie family connection on the top of that beautiful building.