First in Ten Years

It seems incredible but tomorrow I'm beginning my first full-time position since the birth of my daughter. Ten years of bonding at home with my little girl, of hearing and seeing all of what she's done has been a true blessing. Being able to work part-time and be with her nearly all of the time is something I couldn't be more grateful for, especially since Cora is such an amazing kid. She's always been so beautiful and cute and brilliant and interesting!

Tomorrow I begin training as a "Generalist" at Powell's, learning to work anywhere in the store. Sorting the books, shelving them in any room, and sitting at Info. desks will be some of my new duties. I'm terrifically excited. The store is a hive of creative energy! Everyone in the world comes in at some point, looking for something to read. Lit lovers, art students, gun enthusiasts, punks, manga kids, gardeners and cooks, armchair crime solvers and musicians looking for sheet music.
It will be a significant change for me, but I relish it.

Today I visited my previous place of employment, The World Forestry Center (hi ladies!!) , and while perusing their new "Woof to Wolf" exhibit, saw this plaque commemorating the "Crab-Eating Zorro: Fox Generalist". While I'm really no fox, I thought we at least had something in common.

click here to read a funny article in the Mercury about the hottie-factor at Powell's.

"It is far more seemly
to have thy Studie full of Bookes,

than thy Purse full of money."

John Lyly, Euphues, 1578


Crabby Amy said…
Enjoy your new position!! So very well deserved!! :) we need another night out!
Anonymous said…
So you are a crab-eating Zorro then? Please explain!