Where Is the Justice?!

My spirits have been low, ever since the despicable Sarah Palin stepped onto the screen. I have been waiting weeks for the unreserved condemnation from my people in the media. It has been slow in coming. Of late, however my spirits are inspired by the likes of the Huffington Post.
They are swiftly joining the ranks of the divine Fareed Zakaria,the inimitable Gwen Ifill, and my pretend news friends John S and Stephen C Where does this marvelous amalgamation of righteous, sharp-tongued journalists come from? From what just and unabashed planet do these bloggers hail? My angry hackles have been soothed by their quick and insightful writing, their fearless rant for presidential accountability.

ACCOUNTABILITY! We demand it of our teachers, of our coworkers, we teach our children not to lie....but our GOVERNMENT CAN EXPLOIT THEIR PEOPLE AND THEN PLAY VICTIM. The Republicans are playing a childish, petty game of greed. It's all they've ever done, and these latest grasps at power leave me breathless with disbelief.

McCain has lost his mind. Every move he makes is one of outrageous denial and ruthless greed. It is not the welfare of the country that he has in mind when he suddenly presents an untried radically conservative governor of the least populated state as his running mate. Or when he attempts to hide her political misdeeds from the public by postponing a legal investigation until after the election. Is this even legal?! Or, when he uses Hurricane Gustave and the suffering of thousands of victims to call attention to the "compassion" of his party. Or when he demands the cancellation of the presidential debates (with only 6 1/2 weeks until the election) because of a looming financial crisis that his party is mostly responsible for. These childish, bullying tactics are so transparent!

McCain's mentor George Bush speaks of the serious financial crisis America is supposedly approaching. He speaks as a victim, as a patriot who calls us to rally against it -- WITHOUT A SHRED OF SHAME, without the slightest indication that it is his fault. His war. His oil cronies. His wealth that has multiplied while the rest of us go broke.

Read on, fellow justice fighters! The world is not filled only with dangerous, ignorant politicians -- our people are out there! We can still prevail!


Arianna Huffington seems like the missing Gabor sister, but from this interview it seems like her heart's in the right place.