Are you There, Friend Hare?

I found this treasure at Powell's. A 1931 edition of "Bambi" by Felix Salten. This book is told from a perspective unlike any other. The simple, abrupt brutality of nature is the backdrop for the innocent voices of the animals. The descriptions of the forest in lush spring and through a deadly winter are very moving. Salten makes us aware from the animal's perspective of the terror and destruction that man wreaks on the forest. Felix Salten is a unique writer, bringing an eloquent but direct voice to the natural world. The beautiful illustrations just add to the emotion of the story.

I am also reading The Hobbit, written in 1937. Nature plays a huge part in Tolkein's books, and his descriptions of forest and mountain also reflect a sensitivity of that time.

note: The inscription in this book is evidently from someone named "Bambi". It confused me for a second...