You'll Find it at Freddy's

The jingle is correct: you will indeed find it at Freddy's! Yesterday I found JOHN MALKOVICH at Freddy's! No foolin'! There he was, walking out of the store talking to a woman pushing a cart. I thought, "Is that John Malkovich?" and then I heard his voice and I'm thinking, "OhmyfreakinggoditISjohnmalkovich!" And it was! The cashier confirmed it. Evidently he is in town to bring his daughter to college and was buying dorm stuff for her.

There was absolutely no way I was going to bother him for a word or a picture, because I couldn't speak anyway, thinking of how he looked in Dangerous Liaisons.....(sigh).


Morgan P said…
Holy Mackerel! He's a hard one to miss, I would imagine. Totally jealous.
Diane said…
I am totally jealous of YOU because you TOUCHED William Hurt!