The Print Shop is Open

The Hawthorne st. Fair was so fun! Cora and I set up our little art shop under a huge, majestic tree. Despite the heat, lots of people came by and gave us great feedback. I also sold 3 prints!
When I sell a print to someone, it's usually because they have a deep connection to the animal I've created. One woman bought a spray-paint print of a greyhound with a halo and the gold words "Lui Qui est si Doux" ("He Who is so Sweet") The dog resembled a dog she'd lost, and so the halo was especially meaningful. It's gratifying to know that these animals I draw are like friends to other people. They are definitely good friends to me. Whenever I create one it's hard to let it go.
Cora had a good time too...she participated in all of the on-going art projects on the street: the community painting, the art trading cards, making a tote bag. Peter did a totally amazing job organizing it, with help from many friends and family.
Thank you to Peter, Brian, and Ralph for allowing me to participate, and thank you to all of you art lovers who braved the heat and came down to look!

If you are interested in purchasing a print or watercolor painting please visit my website at
Merci beaucoup!


Morgan said…
Looks fun! Sorry I missed it. We went to the Soapbox Derby, then Jamie started feeling cruddy and I had to take him home. Congratulations on selling some stuff!
Diane said…
I'm sorry to have missed the derby this year. Any stand-out soapbox cars?