Musicfest NW Numero Deux!

I can't believe it's been a year. MFNW is back, and this time we got a super snazzy write-up in the Willamette Week. Rock journalist Casey Jarman describes us thusly:

"...most of the (Valiant Arms's) rocking moments are controlled demolitions, building spires with reverb, clean bass and mathy turnarounds only to knock them down with double time drums and amplifier squeals."

That works for me!
Come see us demolish stuff and knock it down with plenty of amplifier squeals SEPTEMBER 5TH AT THE SOMEDAY LOUNGE 125 NW 5TH AVE. Show starts at 8pm, I think we'll be on by 9 and it's only 6 Bucks! This is a MFNW label showcase for the magical Rob Jones's label Jealous Butcher so you'll have the unique opportunity to see at the same show the likes of Kaia, Tractor Operator, Kelly Blair Bauman, Wow and Flutter and Stiffwiff. Don't miss it!


Morgan said…
I like that you always play in my neighborhood. Unfortunately, that's our anniversary and we have tix to see Anthony and the Johnsons. Well, not so unfortunate, I'm really excited to see them. Bummed I'll miss you, though. How's about you play on the 6th instead?
Diane said…
Have fun seeing Anthony and the Johnsons. (does he know what "johnson" is slang for?) We're playing again on the 26th I think, at Kelly's Olympian.
hi Diane! Great job at MFNW!
Just wanted to let you know that it was Casey Jarman, not Corey. . . good blog!
Diane said…
Oops, sorry Casey! Thanks again! --Diane