A Beautiful Place (But Please Free the Monkeys)

Another fantastic trip on the aerial tram! What a beautiful ride. We took Greg's parents down to the waterfront to catch a ride on these smooth, modern air pods to the OHSU Hospital at the top of the hill. After our scenic ascent we were astounded to find that the hospital is like a world-class museum! Sleek, modern glass architecture and hallways filled with amazing paintings and prints. Strange and elaborate gardens flank the glass halls and are decorated with beautiful and somewhat startling sculptures. My favorite is this larger than life statue of a jack rabbit tenderly holding a greyhound. Very touching. A bit weird. Just my style.
Do yourself a favor and buy a 4$ ticket on the tram. While you're at the top grab a cup of coffee in the hospital cafe and check out the beautiful art and the view of 4 different mountains.

Note: Although OHSU has done an incredible job sprucing up the part of the hospital the public can enjoy, there are still thousands of suffering monkeys in their hideous MONKEY LAB waiting to be tortured and killed in the name of science. Monkeys are unbelievably human, and it is completely unconscionable to ignore this crime against these creatures. Go here to speak out.


Anonymous said…
i love how cute you and greg are...