54/40 or Fight!

I know, I know. Pierced Arrows is not Dead Moon. But they look and sound exactly the same, thank God!

Greg and I started our evening out at the charming "Slammer Tavern" at the corner of Sandy and Stark. Perched on an urban hillock overlooking the Morrison bridge, we had tasty cold beers at an outside table and appreciated the extra groovy jukebox. Then we biked into Old Town to see Fred and Toody Cole from Pierced Arrows do what they do best: bring the rock.

It was a ferocious set that had every person there jumping up and down, they haven't lost an ounce of energy since the last time I saw them play, about 5 years ago. They have always played their hearts out and sounded GREAT every single show I've ever seen over the last 15 years or so.

The only things to really mar the outing were the idiotic PARENTS who brought their poor CHILDREN to the concert. Just because it's an all-ages show doesn't mean ALL ages should go. And if you are too lame to get a sitter and you feel you absolutely MUST drag your kids down to junkie Old Town to see a rock show, please don't stand in front of me and pick them up so they can "see". Especially the 12 year-old. 12 year-olds do not need to be picked up.

Hmph. I'm showing my age. But I'm still not as old as Fred and Toody!


Diane said…
To clarify: Taking your child to an afternoon or early evening concert, where drugs and alcohol do not play a major part, where the music is not screamingly loud...is a joyful experience! It's when sleazy, late-night Old Town, cigarettes, whiskey and screamingly distorted guitars get involved that I start to think it's more for the parents and not so much for the kids.