You put the MAN in Manzanita!

Day trip to the coast. An excellent dose of the natural elements. Manzanita is my new favorite coastal destination. Pristine beaches, a fraction of the tourism of nearby Cannon Beach, and an organic/vegan store! With delicious coffee!

We believe it was Faye-the-dog's first trip ever to the beach. She was completely delighted in everything it had to offer. She rolled in the waves, dashed over dunes, and chased seagulls. She was a little worried about the Para Surfers (!) that were all over the beach in their wet suits, holding onto the ropes of their parachute-kite things.

I can't wait to go back and rent a bike to ride in the sand. Instead of the horror that is ATV's and their culture, or the noisy pollution of a jet ski you can either take a leisurely pedal along the beach, silent and low to the ground, or you can attach a SAIL to your sand bike and speed like a streak along the surf line. If you're like me and too chicken to go out in the waves, this is the next best thing.


Crabby Amy said…
oh how nice! Manzanita is THE BEST place to be!! When I was growing up...that's where my grandparents had a beachhouse and I spent MANY a weekend as a kid there! Back then especially, it's a nice quiet coastal town and they have the sweetest little 4th of July parade!! oh the days...and if I had the $$$ you know where I would buy a house!!
Anonymous said…
I'm so envous of you and you adventure. i'm out here in farm land and Just say the world's largest ball of yarn! But it was fun!

Miss you

BTW it look like greg and cora should be on a postcard...

There's your money making idea!!!