The White Knights Three and Four

What a team. Burt Rutan with his totally Nashville white sideburns alongside the swashbuckling dandy billionaire Sir Richard Branson. Burt Rutan runs the rockstar science lab "Scaled Composites", and Sir Richard owns "Virgin Airlines", and more recently "Virgin Galactic". These two hot shots have moved past the X-prize they won 4 years ago, and revealed the new aircraft "White Knight Two" that will lift a 6-person passenger spacecraft high enough to launch into space.

Burt Rutan is a dedicated, driven space engineer that founded "Scaled Composites", an independent space lab in the Mojave desert. I blogged about his amazing win of the Ansari X-prize in 2004. That win brought him together with a new financial backer, eccentric adventurer, Sir Richard Branson.

The inimitable Richard Branson has spent millions and millions of dollars developing luxury air travel. Recently he has decided to focus more resources on new technology that would eliminate the use of fossil fuels in air travel.

Both of these men are fascinating personalities. They both seem to be living out their childhood fantasies on the largest possible scale. Sir Richard Branson is also a NUT.
Here are some pictures to prove it.