Reality Check

Jesse Jackson is capable. He has shown that he has the determination, perseverance and political etiquette required to help change the world. He has been working for civil rights all over the world for decades. He has helped negotiate the release of prisoners in Syria, Cuba and Belgrade. He has worked with the Clinton and Reagan administration and famously, run for president himself.

I really want to love Jesse Jackson, but then he says something so filled with racial hatred that I freeze. I can't believe my ears. Did he ACTUALLY say he wants to cut Barack Obama's NUTS OFF?!!! That is insane. It is violent and potentially criminal. It is such a hate-filled comment I can't believe anyone would say it, let a lone a civil rights leader about the first black presidential nominee in American history!!!

This makes me question everything that comes out of Jesse Jackson's mouth. I've read of other incidents where he has been known to use ugly words about jews, and other African-Americans, and to me this is no better than a Newt Gingrich or Rush Limbaugh mentality.

Jesse Jackson, get a grip! Get some therapy!! We need your strength and talents to work for the GOOD GUYS, not the assholes! HELP OBAMA WIN!