Down By the River

Oaks Park is a treasure. Historic, shady, cheap and fairly clean. I took Cora and her friend there yesterday and they ran up and down the midway, choosing their next terror. The Screaming Eagle was the scariest ride with its huge swinging pendulum loaded with terrified riders. I was nervously clutching my coffee as I watched my daughter be flung through the air by this monster, wondering if she could breathe.

The "Lewis and Clark Big Adventure" was a big let-down! I was all geared up for an exciting northwest joyride, but except for a grizzled, patchy eagle in a strobe-light, and an ancient, dusty taxidermied bear there were no thrills. A strangely broken, patched up sort of ride. Ah, well.

The historic carousel was going 'round in a cheerful fashion. The ancient animals included frogs, a cat, dog, ostrich, various pigs, mules and big cats. It's really the coolest thing. The only character I didn't understand was this naked Greek sprinting alongside the that your sword, or are you just glad to see me?


Anonymous said…
You are great!! I love the brawts!!!