The Chickens Need Us

Today I participated in a Peta protest against Kentucky Fried Chicken. I haven't protested in years, but it felt better than ever to be a part of it. Some very friendly and dedicated people joined me, and two of them heroically endured an hour and a half sweltering inside of a chicken suit, waving to motorists. I held up one end of the banner saying "Boycott Kentucky Fried Cruelty" over the freeway. We got a huge response from the road, cheerful honks and supportive waves, along with about a hundred middle fingers, several wanking-off motions, and one very enthusiastic mime chicken eater. There was one actual car accident when a trucker blind to everything except giving us the finger, failed to stop in time and hit the car in front of him. No one was injured, thank goodness, and he was pretty sheepish.

One unbelievable sight was an open-top truck filled all the way up with GUTS that passed beneath us. About two tons of animal guts, 10 feet deep, intestines and organs clearly visible. None of us could believe it, or believe the horrible, evil smell that rose from the freeway. What a strange coincidence that it should pass under our protest.

Because chickens are gentle, curious and intelligent creatures, it's truly horrific that they should endure the terror and the torture that is factory farming. Have you ever seen a truck packed with live chickens making its miserable way along the highway? Each one of those chickens is experiencing hell. Given a chance, each one of those chickens would be peacefully scratching in the shade and clucking themselves to sleep with their families.

Morningstar makes the MOST DELECTABLE "Chicken Strips" and "Beef Strips" that I eat nearly every day in fajitas, enchiladas, and on a big salad (the new "Chef" salad!)

Also check here for the delicious and extremely savory fake chicken broth, "No-Chicken Broth" from Imagine.


princessa said…
You go girl!!!

Save the Chickens!!