Limestone Palace

The Los Angeles Getty Museum is a wonder. First of all, it's free. All of the world (professors, prols, and picknickers alike) can come to take in the architectural splendor, the incredible gardens and wide array of artwork on display. Thank you, J.Paul Getty!

The curves and lines of the shining white limestone building delight from every angle. Every single view of the building against the California desert hills and cloudless blue sky is spectacular. A super modern, sleek garden filled with flowers, cactus, and a stream that takes you through the artistic array, covers the lower part of the center. The views of the city from the outdoor courtyards are the best you could ask for. 180 degrees from downtown LA to the Santa Monica coast. Airplanes are taking off and landing at LAX, and there's a delicious breeze up there that makes a 90 degree day a lot cooler. We saw Degas, Monet, and Da Vinci, and my personal favorite Manet.

The Getty Museum is a treasure, not only because of it's stunning location and impeccable design, but because of the legacy of one of the richest men in the world giving something like this to the public. Magnifique!