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Vampire Dog

This is Faye, a large black vampire bat dog. She looks like a normal hound right-side up, but inverted she becomes..........FAYKULIA.


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Husky or Maltese Whatever

I sped by this sign on Powell boulevard, and couldn't quite believe what I'd seen. A few days later I saw it again and strained to read the words correctly. "Husky or Maltese Whatever" ?????? What in the heck? A pet shop? A bizarre direct translation from Vietnamese or something? The next time I drove by I picked out the word "restaurant". I'm further baffled by this. I can't think of one reason in the whole world why someone would give this name to any shop, let alone a restaurant. Well I googled it, and found there are a whole lot of people who are similarly intrigued. AND I found out WHY it is called this!!
First, here are two links to others who couldn't believe their eyes :

Now, for the story!

The restaurant got its name as the result of a miscommunication between the owner and her accountant and the instinct of the Vietnamese former inmate who pai…

It's Not Junkie-Town Anymore

What a night! First Thursday, Rose Festival, Fleet Week, and my friend's studio's Grand Opening all wrapped up in an enormous block party. I met the Benchmark Art Group in the Pearl District at a gallery called Print Arts Northwest. There we met a few artists who were showing work, and some that are starting up a printmaking studio with public access. I'm so excited to use the studio myself, and for an extra's on Tillamook street, near Interstate avenue, one of my FAVORITE parts of Portland! That's where Type Foundry, my friend Adam Selzer's recording studio is and where the Valiant Arms have recorded. Beautiful place!
We all walked through the growing throngs to my friend Morgan Pasinski's studio. We visited her studio last month, but this was the Grand Opening, and she had new work displayed. My favorite is this fantastic Octopus painting. I love the circles in the background, as if he'd wrapped his tentacles around the piece. Morga…

Winter Work

Welcome, January and February of 2019! You are the harbingers of things to come and you are glowing with light through these short, dark days.
First up - a report on the book front: Return of the Evening Star is only 4.5 months away from publication!!!!! June 4th is the magical day, and I’ve been busy with editors and designers finalizing the cover and page design. I love what we came up with, I love the description on the back which conveys the excitement of the story within. The story has reached a nail-biting crescendo after Bridge of the Gods, and I can’t wait for you all to read what happens next to Chloe and The Artist, Greybelle and Shakespeare...I don’t think you’ll be bored!

Here is the description on the back cover:

"A mysterious hospital deep in the Oregon woods is sending marauding ambulances into the countryside, looking for new patients. Mowing down anything in their path, the deadly ambulance drivers have forced the people and the animals of the land into hiding. Tw…