Obama Believer

As I ride the bus or drive to work, I pass a little shop under the new condominiums at 45th and Hawthorne. I wondered...could this be Obama's campaign headquarters? It looked a little too cozy, a little too arty for that, but Obama's about CHANGE, right? Maybe this is the new campaign headquarters look. Cozy and arty, that's for me! So I stopped in yesterday to check it out.

As it turns out it is a studio space called "The Blue Zen Project", hosting the colorful and political artwork of painter T. Oliver. Mr. Oliver was there to show me around and describe his long history as an artist in the Southeast Belmont/Hawthorne neighborhood. Oliver's paintings are large, colorful and very iconic. Barack's image dominates the space, but shares it with intricate Buddhist icons, and one large painting of John Wayne. Oliver said in the past he had been instrumental in starting up the First Friday Belmont Artwalks, and that he had begun two Obama-supporting groups, "Artists for Obama" and "Budhhists for Obama".

The Blue Zen Project is a cheerful place. I like passing the once austere and modern facade of the condominiums and seeing a bright, Warholian image of Barack Obama cheering me on to work. I think Obama should stop in to meet T. Oliver and see what his headquarters could look like.

Get your "Buddhists for Obama" buttons here: http://www.cafepress.com/obamabuddha

Blue Zen Project: 4434 SE Hawthorne
Gallery Show May 16th 6-11pm A percentage of sales goes to support the Obama campaign.