Ring Out the Bells of Freedom!

My (tri-cornered) hat is off to Ralph Nelson, musical director of the Atkinson Elementary production of "Ring Out the Bells of Freedom", a musical about the creation of the United States of America. Last night my daughter's class performed this well-rehearsed and exciting musical to a standing ovation of enthusiastic parents and teachers. Many of us were moved to tears by the portrayals of national luminaries such as Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King. Both children who played these roles delivered the entire speeches of The Gettysburg Address and the "I Have a Dream" speech. Great job, kids!
The music was beautiful with the violin players, clarinets and a trumpet that did a solo on "Taps" for the death of Abraham Lincoln that I know made everyone think of the losses from today's brutal war.

The kids looked fantastic.

Here are the Founding Fathers:

Here is a chorus of Pilgrims:

This is Patrick Henry

Will the REAL John Adams please stand up?

I got to help with the props before the show. We spent about an hour hanging every kind of flag you can imagine, and I discovered I have a real fondness for bunting.

Thank you kids, and thank you Ralph Nelson for this wonderful, educational and rousing experience!


You are wonder woman!! I am envious of you!
kaleb said…
i think everyone did well i think i did good on father abraham is dead.