Kit Pistol, Just Shoot Me Now

WOW! Cora and I got to meet the ultra-talented and extra-super-fine PROJECT RUNWAY designer, KIT PISTOL! Kit was here, in Portland showing her street-cool, but feminine pieces at Seaplane on 23rd street. Cora and I were so excited when we got to the shop and there she was, all glamor and quite willing to take photos. She gave Cora an autograph, and told us a little about her stylist jobs in Los Angeles. What a sweetheart! When I asked what brought her to Portland she explained that two of her best friends were Claire Lefay and Dan Sweeney. Claire designs beautiful clothing herself and sells it at Seaplane, and I recognized Dan as someone who used to hang out in Eugene. Small world!
Kit's clothes are amazing combinations of materials and styles. Tartan and lace. Taffeta and raw edged cotton. It says on her blog at her website that she worked at Betsy Johnson for a while, which, given the edgy whimsy in her creations makes perfect sense. Some of her pieces remind me of Vivienne Westwood, as well. She's got a fearless but feminine approach to design, and it's gorgeous! Her stint on Project Runway was exciting, but too brief when she was "auffed" on episode 8. My favorite dress she made was on the first challenge where the designers were asked to make anything they wanted using top-of-the-line fabrics. Kit's dress was a beautiful creation of black fabric with a large floral design, topped by a rich red waist and asymmetrical shoulder. So pretty!
Cora and I were a little star struck, and thoroughly thrilled to meet Kit and see her designs up close and personal. Merci!


i am envious with green!