"We Feel The Weight of Our Ancestors"

The Easter holiday comes at a time of year that breathes renewal. Spring is in the air and bursting out of the ground, inspiring thoughts of the year to come. With all visions of the future come memories of the past. We spent the holiday in eastern Oregon, at a friend's wedding. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and held in the shadow of the snow-covered Cascade mountains. Thoughts of the couples' happy future mingled with the awe of the ancient, surrounding geologic past. This was a truly meaningful combination.

On the way home, we stopped at the Warm Springs Indian reservation to go through their museum. The reservation stretches from the Cascades to the Deschutes river and is home to the Warm Springs, Wasco, and Paiute tribes. The land there is absolutely STUNNING. Huge, arrid plateaus line an enormous desert gorge, and take your breath away with the magnitude and history of the rock-covered hills.

Easter to me is a holiday about gratitude for the continuation of the world we live in, and is best embodied by the Native American's traditional gratitude for the religion of nature. There at the foot of the magnificent snow-covered Mt. Hood, and along the deep ravines of the high desert I felt close to the gods. Spring IS resurrection, of a cycle that will outlive human definition, and there in the rocks is all the church I'll ever need to appreciate it.