"We Are In the Midst of Revolution!"

"John Adams", the HBO mini-series about the founding of the US is INCREDIBLE. I have never seen a historical depiction so moving and so intimate before. The performances by Paul Giamatti as John Adams, Laura Linney as his wife Abigail Adams, Tom Wilkenson as Ben Franklin and David Morse as George Washington are unparalleled. Not even Ken Burns can touch this one. You really feel the fear, hardship, and uncertainty of the times. It's easy to look at history in hindsight, judging decisions made by others with the full benefit of the knowledge of the consequences, but to have to make those decisions without any idea of what would happen, is impossible to imagine.

Although I couldn't help but feel proud of the elegant intelligence and fierce bravery behind the writing of the Declaration of Independance and ensuing Revolutionary War, I can't help but also feel shame and sorrow on behalf of the displaced native people, and enslaved africans in this story. Our liberty from England was bought with the lives of others, and there is no true patriotism in that.

That said, this series is spectacular and comes at a great time in our current history-making struggle for independence from oppressive, corrupt powers.

Here is a tee shirt I made for Greg last year for his birthday of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.


BrianKarmelich said…
I've got this tivo'd. The L.A. Times poo-poo'd it, but I'll take your word over theirs. It is one of my favorite books I ever listened to (I cheated with audiobook). 2nd best McCullough book after "Truman". Both of those books are based primarily on letters written to their wives. I'm going to start writing to Nancy, in case I attain historical significance one day.