Sea Lions are Smarter than We Are

Sea Lions eat salmon, but would never wipe them ALL out. We, on the other hand, nearly have. Now that we've killed nearly all the millions and millions of salmon, we're about to start killing sea lions, too.
Humans never learn. We tend to fight fire with fire, and then complain that we keep getting burned. Never mind that we've hauled millions of bodies out of the river and oceans, not only for food, but for sport (for 'fun'!), never mind that we've polluted the pristine waters of every northwest river and tributary with toxic chemicals and runoff, never mind that we've built huge dams to stop up these waters and block the salmon from their spawning grounds, we're not at fault here. It's the SEA LIONS. THEY'RE TAKING OUR FISH!

What is it going to accomplish to start killing more creatures over this issue? The Sea Lions aren't hurting us, they're doing what nature has told them to do for millennia...find food. Catching these enormous, intelligent creatures and transporting the "lucky" ones across the country in trucks, or trains, or planes to aquariums and zoos, is cruel and completely unnecessary. For those that aren't taken, there is death. For what? For eating food? What gives us the right to those fish? We've had our share, and then some.

It's time the industry looks at different solutions to the depleted salmon runs. How about NO MORE FISHING? There aren't enough fish to keep it going! It's a lot like the logging mills, once we ravaged the forests and wiped out critical habitat for wildlife, they had to be shut down, and communities were forced to reinvent themselves. These are not renewable resources...old-growth forests and salmon. There is a limit, and we've surpassed it. Let's look at our own behavior and change it, rather than go on killing and claiming every last creature for ourselves. They are not ours, they are their own.


Amanda said…
Beautifully stated! Cute pictures too.
Anonymous said…
awwwwww...SO CUTE!!!
Anonymous said…
awwwww... =( those pictures are so dang cute! can you believe what people will do for money???it makes me sick!!!!!!!!!!