Our New Best Friend, Faye

Welcome, welcome to Beautiful Faye!!!!! Today we adopted a dog. Faye Wray, a two year-old lab/hound mix with soulful brown eyes and a sweet disposition has come to keep us company. We picked her out at a wonderful shelter called "Family Dog's New Life" which you can see for yourself here. http://www.familydogsnewlife.org/main.aspx

This shelter finds dogs from other shelters who are slated for euthanasia and finds homes for them. While we were there 14 different families showed up to adopt. I saw 4 other dogs walk out with new owners before we left with Faye. It's a nice place with a caring staff.

Faye spent the day sniffing around the house and yard, being bathed and walked, and thoroughly pissing off our old lady cats just by being there. They are definitely wondering if we've lost our minds, poor girls. However, they lived with Dizzy and Emma before, and Faye is a thousand times more mellow than those two. They'll be alright. Congratulations to all of us!!!!!!


Crabby Amy said…
Yay for you guys and congrats! cute pic of Cora and Faye.
Anonymous said…
Yeah! Congrats on the addition to the family! -Barb
Anonymous said…
congrats!!! i just got a dog too, last year!! isn't it so exiting???!!