Go Jack Klugman, Go!

I am absolutely in love with Jack Klugman. I always have been. He reminds me of my childhood in 1960's Santa Monica. Jack is suing NBC over money owed him from re-runs of Quincy. I hope he gets every penny, he deserves it! ( I always thought his wife Brett Somers was a lucky woman not only because she was married to Jack, but because she got to sit next to Charles Nelson Reilly on the Match Game!)


testface said…

love that matchgame!
Fuchs said…
CNR on matchgame was a hoot. So was Phyllis Diller!
My mother and I used to watch Quincy when it was on TV. The only other "doctor" shows I can remember before this one was Emergency 1.

Diane said…
Dave, those pictures you've been taking on your trip are amazing! You should exhibit them.