Von Trap Garden Party

"Von Trap Garden Party" was the name of Kate Tower's adorable creation coming down the runway at the "Action/Reaction" fashion show last Wednesday. This show was all about inspiration from an exhibit of jewelry at the Museum of Contemporary Craft.

"Touching Warms the Art" is a traveling exhibit of expressionistic jewelry pieces. Eleven Portland designers took on the challenge of creating looks that responded to the jewelry. Myself, Cora and our friend Noelle decided to take in the show.

"Von Trap Garden Party" was a crowd favorite. Towers' black and white toile was done up in a 60's inspired mini shift. The look was topped by a sunny flowered hat that drew smiles from the audience.

Elizabeth Dye created the "Cirrus Dress" which like its namesake clouds, floated in a softly grey/blue cloud around the model. Absolutely lovely.

My personal favorite was of course, Adam Arnold, who made everyone laugh as he walked the runway as a blind man in white, complete with cane. His jacket was made of white paper! The program says he was inspired by a necklace, but also by the nursery rhyme "Three Blind Mice". I think Adam Arnold is a great artist.

I saw my friend Abe at the show, his girlfriend Liza Rietz made the beautiful rusty colored felt jacket that looked very Balenciaga circa 1959. Loved it!

It was Cora's first fashion show, and besides having to stand for 45 minutes, she had a great time. Bravo!