Oh, Gentle Eater of Ants

I have fallen in love with anteaters. Like sloths, they are mostly arboreal, and gentle in nature. My place of Employment is currently hosting a photography exhibition about rain forests, and there is a big photo of a Silky Anteater that instantly enamored me. I think I love all of the neo-tropical arboreal mammals. What is not to love? They have special super-powers like the ability to nab hundreds of ants from below the ground with their 60cm-long tongues covered in backward-facing hairs. They remember a complex map of ant-mounds, and keep track of when they were last visited. They have a low-metabolism that enables them to survive on a diet of tiny ants, they have incredibly strong perhensile tails, and there are special groves in their palms that allow them to hold onto very tiny vines.
They range in size from the tiny Silky Anteater at 200 grams to the Giant Anteater that weighs 30 kilos and lives only on the ground.
Because Anteaters' super-powers do not include good eyesight or hearing, they rely on their sense of smell to find food, and this might explain the high number of deaths on the road. Fortunately some conservationists have come up with the brilliant solution of building "tree bridges" over busy roads, using vegetation to join the tops of trees so that any arboreal creature can cross safely. Long live the Anteaters! (Although the ants would disagree.)

Here is a link to an entertaining website called "The Online Anteater".