Love to Love Ya, Baby

The perfect subject for a Valentines Day posting is Stanley Love. Stanley Love is in SPACE right now, operating the space shuttle's robotic arms. Even more incredibly, tomorrow he makes an actual SPACE WALK to install, repair and remove scientific instruments. Stan is the man.
From reading Mr. Love's bio I find that like me, he grew up in Eugene, Oregon, and that we were actually in high school together in 1983! I don't remember him, but we must have walked the same halls at the same time. I wish I'd known he was going to walk in space, I would have made a point of saying hello.
Here's what Stanley had to say about living in Eugene after college:

"OK. From Eugene, Oregon, I went to college at Harvey Mudd College, and no, that’s not the guy on “Star Trek” with the androids, that’s Harry Mudd. Harvey Mudd College, I went there because they had a sense of humor, and when I got there I discovered about 70 hours of schoolwork a week and no time for social life, and they worked us very, very hard down there. But I got an excellent education out of there. From there I wasn’t sure what I wanted to be when I grew up, came back to Eugene, looked for work and ended up in the corn cannery. A couple of weeks of that and hey, send me to grad school -- where’s the library, where the bookstore, I’m ready to go back to school."

My first apartment was across the street from that cannery! I'm sure he's talking about Agripac, the stinky corn/beet/carrot cannery near the university.

Read Mr. Love's pre-flight interview at the NASA website.

Happy Valentines Day!