Gotta' Love the Drunk Guy

Friday night, the Valiant Arms play in Eugene at Luckey's Tavern. Evidently we were so great that the Drunk Man who had hitherto restricted his participation to making odd poses in the audience, couldn't resist temptation to join us on stage. His red face looked so hopeful, so eager to sing that I stepped back and he took the microphone. I couldn't understand a word he said, but his timing was great! He was pretty good! Unfortunately I'm not much of a "jammer" and couldn't keep up the flow. Thankfully our friends helped him down and we progressed with the usual arrangement of the song.
I wish I could have stayed for the headlining band, The Underlings. They are a great band and my rock and roll colleagues assured me their set was fab. I was getting sick however, and had to beat it back up I-5. Good thing I did too, as I was immediately struck down by a vicious flu and am only now emerging from darkness.
Thank you, Eugene friends for having us over to play.


Anonymous said…
so when do you play Portland again?? Sara
Ed said…
I am happy anytime I see the Valiant Arms. Three of my favorite regional musicians, and all artists with true soul. Go, Oregon!