Scientists, Wake UP!

To me, a scientist is first curious, then intelligent, then thorough. Throw in a little sensitivity and you've got a pretty great scientist. Obviously, there are too many scientists that do not meet these basic requirements, and shouldn't be working. I'm talking about all the research engineers and lab workers who believe that testing on animals is a good way to get answers for human conditions.
It doesn't make sense. In 2007 we have learned that archaic methods used in older experiments are faulty and unproductive. Remember leeches? Bloodletting? Electro-shock? All cruel, all ineffectual. How then, given the gory history of scientific bumbling can scientists today want to continue it?
Animals suffer, as much as we do. That is a fact. They are emotional, they have sensitive feelings, perhaps more sensitive than ours from living closer to nature for so long, and they feel fear. I would assume a scientist would be smart enough to see this. And sensitive enough to the natural, biological world, to care.
Animals are not good indicators of human reaction. The physiology of animals is so different from humans, and from specie to specie, that the results from a test on one is not going to tell us enough about the other. I would certainly expect a scientist to see the wisdom in this! Carla Bennett from says this:

"Different species of animals vary so enormously in their reactions to toxins and diseases and in their metabolism of drugs that studies with animals are not good indicators for people. For example, a dose of aspirin that is therapeutic in humans is poisonous to cats and has no effect on fever in horses; benzene causes leukemia in humans but not in mice; insulin produces birth defects in animals but not in humans, and so on. Today’s sophisticated "super" computers can actually predict the effect of substances on all the organs of the human body."

"Human clinical and epidemiological studies, cadavers, and computer simulators are faster, more reliable, less expensive, and more humane than animal tests. Ingenious scientists have developed a model "microbrain" from human brain cells to study tumors, as well as artificial skin and bone marrow. We can now test for skin irritancy on cells in a test tube, produce vaccines from human cell cultures, and perform pregnancy tests using blood samples instead of killing rabbits. Says Gordon Baxter, cofounder of Pharmagene Laboratories, a drug research company that uses only human tissues and computers to develop and test drugs, "If you have information on human genes, what’s the point of going back to animals?"

I have long protested the outright torture of animals in labs. I have written so many letters and emails to drug companies, laboratories,universities, even the postal service for shipping chicks to labs in cardboard boxes. Right now there are thousands of monkeys imprisoned at the OHSU Primate Research Center in Portland. Each one of those monkeys is living in hell. There is no reason for this except the lab is too lazy to pursue other methods. It's like a second amendment fanatic....defend the right to do harm 'til the bitter end. Ridiculous, and not scientific!

Here is a link to the FAQ's about animal testing,

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I got all riled up this morning because of the headline about the darling little NAKED MOLE RAT. Evidently, despite the "scientists" attempts to hurt it, it doesn't feel pain. I'm sure the naked mole rat would say, "define pain!"