In The Pines, In the Pines...

New Years Day on the side of a mountain. A biting, fresh wind and enormous snow-drifts. Huge mountain ravens laughing down at us while we struggle to walk up the hills in our awkward clothing. A wonderful place to welcome the new year, I can't think of any better way to clear my head of christmas excess and rest my eyes on clean, vast natural wonders.
Besides the splendor of our wild surroundings, we were treated to a meal at Timberline lodge. A year ago I posted about the lodge and its history. This visit I payed most attention to the interior structure and design. Unparalleled. I feel like I'm in a vintage ski poster, or at Snow White's personal ski lodge. The 1930's design is everywhere, from every beam and quaint door, to every bench and chair. All handmade, all an incredibly sturdy, smooth and faintly art deco design. The massive chimneys with two levels of huge fireplaces, the enormous glowing lanterns hanging in the center, every single table and chair in all the dining areas. I especially love the carved animals on every single stair rail post. Sweet fawns, alert owls, humble rabbits. It's eerie to walk by the lower level windows and see nothing but a wall of snow.
I found out that the woman on our school pee-chee folders, the one in the ski-lift, was photographed at Timberline!
This New Year's day was exhilarating in more ways than one -- I learned how to put chains on the car!!! Happy New Year!


Mexi said…
Finally.. you can put chains on my car!