A House Divided

How amazing! Right now at the Oregon Historical Society you can see the Emancipation Proclamation itself. Signed in full by Abraham Lincoln. As well as many letters from him to various generals and cabinet members, and campaign banners, ribbons and newspaper articles. You can feel sad and creeped out by beaded star taken from his coffin's carriage. You can recoil in facination at the actual BLOOD-STAINED piece of paper from the room where he died! You can glare in outrage at a daguerotype of the tragically ridiculous dandy villain, John Wilkes Boothe. There is even a scrap of fabric from Lincoln's theater chair that awful night.
I find the correspondance from Lincoln to be the best window into his character. Intelligent, kind, gently humerous, and signed with an "A. Lincoln", the "A" having a dear little curly cue at its left tip. sigh. I love you Abraham.