Two weeks of guerilla blogging. The computer has been in the hostpital for two whole weeks, and I've been furtively checking email from the Bubble Tea shop down the road. But now, the good old computer is back and I can catch up on my e-life.

First and foremost, I must post about my dear friend Sarah Dougher's band The SG's! We had a great night playing together at Kelly's Olympian two weeks ago. For all that I've known Sarah since I was 17 years old, we have never played a rock show together. Now, in our middle age we get the opportunity. Crazy! Sarah's solo music is beautiful and the SG's adds two other people's point of view for a thoughtful, rockin' sound. I loved meeting them downtown and loading in under the christmas lights that are still up.

See the Valiant Arms in Eugene, February 8th at Luckey's Tavern.


Crabby Amy said…
oh Yay!!!! you got your computer back...I am so happy for you! ;) cheers! :)