Communists at Sam Bonds!

Road trip! The Valiant Arms braved hurricane winds and sheeting rain to drive down I-5 and rock Eugene last night. Dressed in red and turned up loud, we played a good set to good friends and had a great time. Thank you Ken and Dave for hanging out with us, and treating us to your good cheer! We played with the Eugene bands the Ovulators and the Soothsayers, and were grateful that they brought in the crowds that we got to play for. Thank you, people, for inviting us along!
Don't forget, the Valiant Arms are set to play Portland at Kelly's Olympian, this thursday January 10th with our fellow Portlanders the SG's. And for you Eugene friends, we will be joining the Underlings in Eugene at Luckey's bar February 8th. Go Team VA!


Crabby Amy said…
Yay for good times and crowds! ;) Glad your show rocked....lovin' the red!
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