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Hottest Journalist

Inane, but inarguably true. Fareed, you make my heart sing. And I know you could kick Anderson Cooper's ass any day of the week. But the best thing about Fareed Zakaria is that he's always RIGHT. Any time I see him on Foreign Exchange I feel relieved to have a thoughtful, insightful, intelligent, educated and compassionate person to listen to. So often interviewers are provoking, rude and obvious. (Yes, Leslie Stahl, that means YOU!) Fareed takes an informed and balanced but forward-thinking approach to his journalism. In Newsweek he writes an article about why Obama would make a good leader. He sites Obama's ability to see other people's point of view. Fareed writes about his own experience outside of the sheltered American sphere and how it gives him an edge when dealing with the world which is surely shrinking. He emphasizes the importance of getting outside of ourselves and hearing other people. How it benefits everyone, and is the only intelligent way t…