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Showing posts from December 9, 2007

Mississippi Tractor Operator

Friday night. We have a sitter. Tractor Operator is playing. We get in the car immediately. The band sounded great! Eric Jensen sang like a bird, his guitar went on loops and leads, and the stories floated along on top. Dave Snider played a beautiful melodic bass all through the concert, and did it on a guitar. I very much liked the deep guitar sound played like a bass, but with interesting tunes of its own. I don't know the drummer's name, but he makes some fascinating moves with his sticks! Their new song was my favorite, and the venue was charming. Mississippi Studios is a two-level room in red. Wood pews and barstools, and a heated patio. You could even have drinks at the two tables inside the Airstream Trailor parked in the back! I'll have to try that next time. Thank you guys, it truly was a Bonne Soiree!