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Showing posts from December 6, 2007

Charles Dickens is the Bomb

My new favorite place: Portland Center Stage Theater. An incredibly stylish, beautiful but still intimate room in the impossibly cool Armory building. Ten years ago the Armory was empty and crumbling, and I remember hoping someone would spend the money to keep it and make it beautiful. My dream came true and last night we went for the first time to see "A Christmas Carol".
A great production with excellent actors. The sets were the coolest, there were ghosts in the air and snow at the end. Ebonezer was played by Wesley Mann, who has done a lot of television evidently, and who was completely convincing.
My favorite actors were Todd Van Voris who played Topper, a sort of lecherous dandy, and Madison Wray, 11 years-old, who played Tiny Tim. The girl can sing!
Portland is beautiful at night. Crossing the Morrison bridge down into the stacks and stacks of lit buildings, the lights in the trees making twinkling sculpture in the dark, and of course Powells, open and humming …