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Incident At Knob Hill

When the world thinks of the World War II attack on American soil they naturally think of Pearl Harbor. But I recently found out there was another attack by the Japanese against America, and it happened at Knob Hill, Oregon, of all places!
A pilot named Nobuo Fujita was ordered by the japanese government to attach his two-man pontoon plane to a submarine and float it off the coast of Oregon. Then, he assembled the plane on the deck of the submarine, and was launched into the sky, carrying two incendiary bombs designed to start a massive forest fire near Brookings. He dropped the bombs which started a fire that burned approximately 7 trees, and flew back to his submarine. Quickly dissassembling the plane and reattaching it to the sub, the vessel hid off the coast of Oregon and then escaped.
In 1962 Fujita returned to Brookings to make ammends. He gave the city his 400 year-old samurai sword as a token of his respect. In the 1990's he returned several time to the city and was ma…