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Showing posts from November 23, 2007

Friends To The End

Our best friends Dizzy and Emma have passed. First little Emma, border collie extraordinaire, fastest dog at the dog park, lover of all human-kind suddenly got an incurable cancer and went on to a better place one month ago. Heartbroken, we turned to our old man Dizzy for comfort. Dizzy came to us on my 30th birthday, eleven years ago. We found him at Greenhill Humane Society, barking as if his life depended on it. He oversaw the first year of our marriage, and the birth of our daughter. He lived ten years in Eugene with us, ruled the Morse dog park as his own little kingdom, and helped us achieve our life goal of moving to Portland. 2 weeks after Emma left us, Dizzy became ill. The vets never found out what was wrong with him, but I suspect it was a similar disease to that which Emma had. I said goodbye to my best buddy three days ago. I'm giving thanks for my beautiful friends Dizzy and Emma. Thank you guys, for making life full of sweet doggy moments and many many…