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Showing posts from September 27, 2007

Go Vikings!

Portland State University's Graphic Design Program is hard. But not as hard as my new bus schedule! I now live on the bus, part time.The number 14 today was CRAMMED TO THE GILLS AND THE HEATER WAS STUCK ON.
My first week at PSU has been a revelation. I am learning 1000 things a day, including that there is no microwave in the student union and that computer labs are often closed. The school sits on the side of a hill, overlooking a picturesque part of downtown, and bordered by the curved condos on the hill...the ones that put the GIANT LIT-UP MARTINI glass on them at New Years. My favorite part of campus, besides the lacy, leafy green Park Blocks is right outside the bookstore where the Portland Streetcar trundles merrily past. A cup of coffee on the bench? Perfection! My first day the exalted and terrifying iron goddess PORTLANDIA waved me on my way with a sweep of her enormous hand, and I happened to notice this handsome duck loitering along the sidewalk.