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Showing posts from September 25, 2007

Swiftly, swiftly

Finally, I've seen the magic of the Swifts! We joined lots of other people on the lawn of Chapman elementary to watch the nightly whirlwind of the Swift birds as they poured themselves into the enormous chimney on the school. What a display of nature's EBULIANT ELEGANCE! There were thousands and thousands of birds. An undulating tornado of birds, speeding up to the chimney's mouth and then careening away, to swoop back down again and this time beat back their wings to hover and funnel themselves one or two or three at a time, into the chimney. Wickipedia says that this animal's scientific name Apodiformes comes from the greek work that means "without feet". They do nearly everything on the wing, even mating and sleeping!! They stick their nests to walls with their own spit. They are highly migratory and spend the winter in the tropics. Given these talents I think the swifts are like superheroes. Thousands and thousands of tiny superheroes. Now if on…