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What a beautiful town. Astoria is a fishing town sitting on the edge of Oregon's lush coastal forests. Surrounded by the Columbia river and the Pacific Ocean, and connected to Washington by the massive Astoria-Megler bridge. Some of the houses layered along the hill date to before 1900, sport colorful paint, dotting the neighborhoods with bits of orange, light blue and green.
The Astoria column sits on Coxcomb hill, put there in 1926 to commemorate the success of the fur trading industry and flourishing community. It was recently restored and the images carved there look sharp and brand-new. Greg flew a tiny wooden glider from the top. I sat below, on a picnic bench that was on such a steep hill that my feet didn't touch the ground, and inhaled that vast panacea. I could see birds eye-level, flying 400 feet above downtown.