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Showing posts from September 6, 2007

Oo' La Rog!

One day in the heat of summer I found this fantastic sign perched on a ramshackle shop on top of a concrete island in the middle of 82nd street. The sign was far too large for the store, but something about a GIANT DIAMOND and BEAUTIFUL CURLY FONTS and the name "LA ROG", gave me goosebumps. It was like a breath of Wayne Newton, a sudden vision of 1970's pontiacs and brown cigarettes. It reminded me of polyesther pantsuits and Sammi Davis Jr. Amber-colored glass and Telly Savalas. I loved it on sight and was so charmed by the story written about it in the Oregonian recently.
Evidently La Rog's has been a part of Portland since 1896! The grandfather began the business down by Union Station. Now his two grandsons are moving the shop to Clackamas. I'm glad they're still in business and I was even gladder to read that although the sign is coming down, they're keeping it. Evidently the DIAMOND ROTATES, although I did not have the pleasure of seeing that hap…