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Showing posts from August 25, 2007

Deathmatch 2007

Soapbox Derby atop a volcano! Brave and feckless daredevils create racing vehicles to hurtle down the twisting roads of Mt. Tabor. Here comes a modern Popemobile, complete with naughty Pope throwing water balloons at the crowd! (Ow! That is not cool, Pope!) then look out for the crazily careening full-sized Taqueria speeding past, playing mariachi music. CLEAR THE COURSE for Godzilla, balancing precariously on his chariot, and don't underestimate the power of the incredibly fast tiny Winnebago trailer, blasting metal music. That was my personal favorite of the day. Despite the fact that I am practically middle-aged (but only if I died as young as 82) and have no mechanical abilities, I would dearly love to join these Mad Max derby drivers and hurtle down the mountain. There was one wreck, but the driver stood up and walked away. Judging by how many cans of beer I noted in bystanders hands (at 10am!!) I was surprised there wasn't some kind of tragedy. Perhaps the Pope ha…